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I'm a Democrat only because there isn't a party that really represents me and I'd rather eat glass then become a Republican.  However, with that said I just got this email from Nancy Pelosi ...

Deborah --

The last year has been a clear reminder of why we must elect more Democratic women to Congress.

To reignite the American dream, stop the Republican assault on women’s health care, and move our country forward, women must have a seat at the table.

We’re fortunate to have extraordinary women candidates running strong campaigns for Congress across the country.

Many of these tremendous women will be joining me for a special Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch on Tuesday May 22nd in Los Angeles.

If you contribute $3 or more to our Women’s Leadership Fund today, you will be automatically entered to win a chance to join me at this wonderful event (transportation and hotel included!) >>
With your support, women will lead House Democrats to the Majority.

I hope you can join us.


OK ... here's the deal.  How come I just can't have lunch with you?  First I must give you $3.00 and then I will be eligible to be entered in a drawing which will give me a chance to join you at this wonderful event.  Girlfriend ... I am one of the 99% ... you know, I GOT NO JOB.  I'm one of the little people.  However, if I were a billionaire, I would have received an engraved invitation with a donation to MY favorite charity so that I would attend this wonderful event.  This would then give me the honor of sitting down with you, breaking bread, and making policy decisions that effect the entire nation.  

Yes, we need more women in Congress and in government, I've always said that and I believe women should run the world.  I really do, but let's be honest Nancy ... you don't really want to have lunch with me.  You wouldn't like anything I'd have to say.  You might even write me off as a disgruntled lunatic. 

POINT:  All you politicians want to keep the problems of real people at a nice, safe distance.  None of you in government get it.  On second thought ... maybe you do.  YOU know as well as WE do, that the WE, THE PEOPLE, have no power.  We have no power as long as we have no money.  One of the reasons we have no money is because we have no jobs.  And we have no jobs because corporations have shipped them all off-shore because you have all made deals with them to get incentives and tax write-offs and all kinds of other stuff, and ... AWWW, FUCK ... FORGET IT.  *SIGH*. 


  1. love it
    I would vote for you

  2. Well said.
    I like Pelosi but most politicians are woefully out of touch.

  3. Write Nancy a letter thanking her for the exciting chance to possibly have lunch with her and enclose your unemployment check. Then kindly request that she pay herself the $3 she has asked for and give you back the change. I guess you should think of this chance as a big ol' bargain..$3 doesn't even buy a gallon of gas. Or, you could keep the $3 and buy yourself three tacos al carbon from Pollo Loco and have a nice quiet lunch by yourself, ponder your thoughts on life, and come up with other topics for your blog... :) I bet you would enjoy that much more than a luncheon with Nancy P.
    Sister-Friend (AKA "Moe)

  4. R. Jacob ... It's nice knowing that! Truly!

  5. Bob, thanks for your comment. I feel very disheartened by it all. However, I am a pessimistic optimist. I would feel much better about things if I COULD FIND A JOB. *SIGH*

  6. Monique - you are quite brilliant little sister and I would suggest your start your own bloggaroosky! Seriously!

  7. Dear Debbie,
    I echo your frustrations. Our political system has utterly caved in to money interests. Perhaps it always has. The difference know is that it is openly and brazenly captive to money. Did you hear that Republican Richard Lugar if Indiana lost his seat to Republican Richard Mourdock backed by the Tea Party. Lugar was punished by his own party partly and one of the reasons pointed out was because he was willing to work with Democrats to resolve some issues (like working with Obama on nuclear disarmament). And on TV Mourdock said: "I have the mindset that bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view."

    And that's what we've come to. Narrow-minded people who would nothing better than a world where the only people allowed an opinion or say in anything is Tea Party boobs. It is to sad to even talk about anymore.

    Politicians are the lackeys of the super rich. And the rest of us get to participate in a lotto for $3 for the big chance to have lunch with one of them. Big freakin' woop.

    All the best

  8. Ruben,
    As always, your comments are right on. I haven't been commenting on political issues too much lately because I haven't been watching or paying attention. It's too, too depressing. *SIGH*

  9. Hang in there girl. Politics, the economy, it's like a pendulum. It swings one way and then back. Our time will come.



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