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Why is it that a fleck of excrement can stick to a porcelain toilet bowl with such ferocity?  It seems no brush or scrub or sandblasting tool can remove that sucker.  However, I'll bet that if I were to lick it, it would come right off with no problem whatsoever.

I have also wondered why boogers (I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT WORD) and seeds and crap from your teeth that you spit out while showering manage to stick to the shower tile with such ferocity as well.  The only way to remove them is with your fucken fingernail, and even with that you gotta scrape back and forth for 15 seconds when the last think you wanna do is touch that shit.  Why is that? 

This is the sort of crap I ponder.  


  1. OMG, I hate that word, too! It's my absolute least favorite word on earth. A lot of people can't stand the "c" word, but I don't mind that at all and even use it sometimes. But never the "b" word!

  2. You need to stop this right now!
    This is all I can think about now!

  3. Linda, I had a hard time even TYPING IT!!!
    p.s. Glad your mommie is all better :)

  4. Bob ... I have been trying to paste the picture of a little devil and I CAN'T DO IT IN THIS COMMENT BOX and it would be sooooo appropriate. So sorry ... get that visual out of your head ... immediately!

  5. I was thinking the same thing when I was cleaning the third toilet in our house this morning. I refused to use my fingernail so I used a screw driver. I lead such a glamorous life. Cleaning house on a holiday while my partner rides to the airport in the back of a chauffeur driven car.

  6. RJ ... A SCREWDRIVER!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. HAHAHA!!! A screwdriver! Thank GOD he spared his fingernail!!

  8. Deb--I hate that word too! But there is a worse one: phlegm. Ugh!!!!

    I totally LMAO at this. I will squirt gel bleach on the offending fleck and let it sit to soften it. I cannot believe I am talking about this. I would rather use the C word any time!!


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