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In the words of Johnny Gill .... My, my, my!!! 

So much happening this week so let's get started!


Well.  First let me say, with all sincerity, that I feel really bad for Khloe, and for any woman whose man cheats on her.  But to cheat on your partner when your partner is pregnant is a low SO low, that there is no low LOW enough.  In the words of Julia Roberts ... (from My Best Friend's Wedding) ... you are the pus .... that infects the mucous .... that cruds up the fungus ... that feeds on the pond scum. 

That you are Tristan.  That you are.

May your pee-pee rot, turn green and fall off.

Now ... dear Khloe ... I am going to give you some advice that your mother is not capable of giving you because her life revolves around ratings and not your true happiness. 


DO NOT DATE ANYONE in the entertainment business.  This includes sports.

ONLY date men OVER 35.  Forty is probably better.

You see Khloe, I knew George Clooney would marry and have kids one day despite all of his adamant protestations otherwise.  How did I know this you ask?  I know this, because I am an old broad.  And once a man, who has had the world at his feet, and every woman in it, reaches the age of about 50, he's ready for something different.  Something meaningful.  Something REAL.  Trust me.  And George did exactly as I knew he would.  He found a super smart lady with her own career, early to mid 30's.  Mature, yet still young enough to push out a couple of kids, and he married her.  Take heed.  Your way, is the road to "baby-daddy-hood" and not much else.  (See Kate Hudson*). 

AND ... if I've said it once, I've said it a million times GET A SPRITUAL PRACTICE ... AND PRACTICE IT.  You won't be sorry.

SO GOOD LUCK and be thankful.  You are blessed beyond that you are worth GAZILLIONS of dollars and can afford the help a working mother requires.  Most gals end up with a dead beat baby daddy who contributes nothing at all and you end up doing it all by yourself living on a shitty salary while having to move back home with your parents.  And that would be no life for our little Khloe.

NEXT .... this should really be on my political blog but I really don't feel like jumping over there right now soooooo ....

Laura Ingraham's Sponsors Still Bolting Over Comments About Parkland Survivor

So, the Queen of Mean is back on the air after a week's "vacation" .... (insert eyes rolling).  This vile woman attacked David Hogg and ridiculed him publically for not getting into several colleges.  He has since been accepted at UC Irvine).  The point?  The point is she's a grown woman and he's a teen-ager.  Whose entire school was shot up, in his presence and his friends were murdered in a violent, bloody assault. 

SO, what did David Hogg do?  He turned the tables and went public by asking for advertisers to pull their ads from her show.  And guess what?  THEY DID. 

So, the next time you wanna play that way Miss Laura, make sure you're able to deal with the consequences.  Allow me to cite a few names just to jog your memory of previous assholes who are no longer on the air:

Bill O'Reilly
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Matt Lauer
Bill Imus

... just to name a few. 

Fairytales can come true ... it could happen to you ....

And last but not least ....

Mimi is bipolar.  I could have told you this in 1999.




  1. To be fair,Khloe's man dumped his pregnant girlfriend to hook up with her, so she kinda got what she deserved,

    I'd love to add Ingraham's name to your list.

    Mimi thought she was sharing a secret when all she was doing was confirming our suspicions!

  2. khloe and the rest of that klan is fucked up beyond all belief. I second bob.

    it's don imus, not bill imus.

    mooriah is a fat drunk has-been; and we don't care what she has.

    1. OMG! BILL IMUS! I hate when I get things wrong LOL!!! Thank you!


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