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This bitch right here .... needs to be bitch slapped.  She is EIGHT months pregnant.  Don't you hate people who feel the need to take selfies of their hot selves, pregnant or not, and post them on the internet to the world to flaunt themselves and make others feel envious of their amazing pregnant or not pregnant bodies?  I do.  And for that reason this gal needs to be bitch slapped. 

Apparently, she has only gained 20 pounds.  Wow.  I hope her baby has a head. 

Ok, I realize that my next story is already old news but ... whatever.
So all hell broke loose on Fashion Police because Giuliana Rancic said that Zendaya Coleman looked like her hair smelled of Patchouli oil and/or weed.  Kelly Osbourne immediately takes to Twitter demanding that the show do something within 24 hours or she'll tell the world "how she really feels."  Good God people ... do you not realize that NO ONE FUCKEN CARES?  I like Fashion Police and I think Kelly actually has a seriously good eye for fashion.  Yes they are mean and catty but that is what makes the show what it is.  Joan Rivers was merciless if you recall.  Now Kelly has left the show (or was fired depending on who you believe) and Giuliana has made two, yes TWO apologies, which neither one (if you ask me) sounded very sincere.  IT'S A TV SHOW.  They discuss celebrities and what they wear.  They are not running the world or curing cancer. 

The political correctness of EVERYTHING is starting to get really RIDICULOUS.  These two need to be bitch slapped.   


NEXT ...
Forty seven (yes 47) Republicans senators wrote an open letter to leaders of Iran warning them about signing any nuclear deal with President Obama.  The audacity of these morons is beyond insane and traitorous.  This is such a disrespectful gesture to a sitting president that I really cannot believe they actually did it.  HOWEVER, I have an idea ... why doesn't the right wing faction of the government start their own country?  Leave the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and form your own country with your own constitution where everyone will be allowed to own as many guns and assault rifles as they desire, marriage will ONLY be between a man and a woman, there will be no need for abortion or birth control because no one will EVER have premarital sex and there will never be any unwanted pregnancies.  There will be no welfare, no healthcare, no social security, no Medicare, or taxes.  However, remember one thing.  Knowing how much you all love to go to war, remember that you'll actually have to send YOUR OWN people because there will also be no blacks, no Mexicans or poor white people in your country to send.  Good luck with that. 
So YES.  Forty-seven Republicans need to be bitch slapped. 


  1. Can we get a conga line going with all Americans who wanna slap those 47 asshats? It could go one for weeks and it will be fabulous!

    I'd never hit a pregnant woman though she'd get a SERIOUS eye roll, and I wouldn't waste skin cells on Rancic-Osbourne.

  2. Hope the baby has a head. LOL good one Cuz!

    Cinty Loo

  3. I gained 20 pounds with each pregnancy but it actually looked like I had a baby in my belly!I 'd show you photographic evidence, but I destroyed every camera during my pregnancies. If it makes you feel better, I'm currently heavier, by 15 pounds, than I was when i went into labor with my youngest. I was young. Lol
    The Republicans are out of control.


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