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SO ... for some freaking bizarre reason I have a ton of flies in my house.  I have no idea where they came from.  Either a hidden nest of larvae has just hatched in my condo or I there's a poltergeist in my house. 

After returning home from shopping Danny and I were greeted by five flies swarming all over my kitchen.  I HATE FLIES!  So Dan takes a dish towel and begins swatting at them like a man possessed and of course misses all of them.  He then takes a bottle of Windex and begins spritzing them like a crazy man. 


Dan:  "I'm killing the flies."


Dan:  "I know!  It stuns them.  They get all absorbed and drunk and then fall to their deaths."

Me:  "Oh my God."

(Just then he spritzed another fly)

Dan:  "LOOK!  LOOK!  SEE!  He fell from the ceiling!"

He then picks up the fly in a paper napkin and proudly shows me the dead fly.  


Dan:  "I don't care if I mash him I don't want him in here."


After killing all the flies he takes off for the gym ... leaving me to clean up Windex residue from the floor, the kitchen cabinets, the ceiling and the counter tops.  THANK YOU.

ON TO 2015 ...
This year I am going to be VERY GOOD TO MYSELF.  I will buy clothes when I want to.  I will get facials when I want to.  I will buy boots and stuff that I normally would talk myself out of.  I will read spiritual books that feed my soul and help me to be a centered, kinder person who also is VERY GOOD TO MYSELF.  I will not indulge in negativity or toxic people.  I will say NO to myself whenever my thoughts wander toward unpleasant people and/or memories.  I will exercise ... not like a maniac so I can look 20, but like a person who loves themselves so I can be limber and strong and have good balance as I get older.  I will take time to meditate/contemplate/pray and be still.  This time I REALLY MEAN IT.  I will make a regular practice of being still.  A REGULAR PRACTICE.  This takes discipline.  Life always gets in the way of our finding a moment to be still.  We have to do it.  I have to do it. 

I will write more.  The more you do something the better you get at it.  It's science.  So I will write more.  It is the only thing I do for myself in which time seems to stand still.  To be fully engaged in something you love feeds you and serves you.  I like that feeling. 

That's pretty much it for me.  Oprah believes in keeping a gratitude journal.  Every day you're supposed to write something for which you are grateful.  That is a good idea.  I think I will do that too.  There is so much to be grateful for.  I don't know about you, but I can find plenty of things to worry about and fear.  I'd rather be at peace and grateful than scared and worried.  This, also takes discipline.  So I will try.  It is a proven fact that what you tell yourself your mind believes.  So tell yourself positive, beautiful things and your mind will believe what you tell it and you will become positive and grateful. 

I hope that 2015 brings all of you love and health, happiness and laughter, good times with family and good friends, beauty and peace.  It's a new year and anything is possible. 

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
 - John 14:27

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ... And thank you for visiting my crazy little blog and taking the time to leave comments.  




  1. I'm trying to create an image of you all peaceful and grateful and running around the house killing flies.
    It makes me giggle!

  2. You had me until you brought Oprah into it. LOL!!!!
    I'd love to see a fly right now. It's been so damn cold, it feels like it will never be spring.
    I painted a sign that says "GRATITUDE in all things give thanks" I look at it every day.
    I hope this comment works. For whatever reason, some blogger blogs are SO hard to comment at!

    1. Gurl, here in L.A. it's been 23 degrees one week and 80 degrees the next. I HATE THAT! Never know what to wear UGH!

    2. P.S Heartinheand ... whenever I try to comment on your blog I have to go through Wordpress and they need a password etc., et al and I NEVER EVER remember it and then it turns into a big ordeal. Just wanted you to know I LOVE your blog!


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