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Rosamund Pike - GORGEOUS in white.  I have loved this girl since seeing her in "Barney's Version" with Paul Giamatti.  Super talented and REALLY beautiful in the classic old movie star way.  Beautiful gown, beautiful makeup, beautiful hair, overall look:  BEAUTIFUL.  GRADE:  A+  WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!

Naomi Watts.  LOVE HER.  Nominated for her performance in "St. Vincent" in which she plays a Russian prostitute which was hilarious.  Sadly, I've seen her look better.  This funky yellow frock left a lot to be desired.  Grade:  F- 

Amy Adams, ethereal in perwinkle blue.  Very pretty and very simple.  Her makeup was perfection.  Can you believe she's 40 years old???   She doesn't look a day over 24!  Grade:  A+ 

Giuliana Rancic in mauvey/pink - She looked really good for a corpse. 

Zosia Mamet - looking at this dress I could not get the Jetsons theme song out of my head ... Here's George Jetson .... Jane his wife .... Sorry Zosia ... Grade:  F-

Lorde - Very hip, very chic.  Grade:  A

Tina Fey - LOVE!!!!  Sparkly black and white ballerina gown.  Grade:  A+

Amy Pohler - Simple.  Too simple.  Doesn't this look like a robe you'd throw on just to run outside to get the paper and not be naked?  And that elastic at the waist?  Amy ... what the hell were you thinking?  Grade:  D ... for AVERAGE. 

Diane Kruger.  Wow.  She is wearing the same dress my mother wore on Christmas Eve in 1965.  However, this dress is ill fitting, has cheap fabric and I didn't like it.  Grade:  F-

Emily Blunt - PERFECTION IN WHITE!  She is my very favorite actress.  I love her!  Loved the gown, loved the earrings, however her hair could have looked much better.  Grade:  A+ WINNER!

Jessica Chastain - She always looks great but the fabric on this dress was a very odd color.  It looked like liquid copper/brown/black.  Her shoes however, were the bomb.  Make up was gorgeous, hair gorgeous, overall look, gorgeous.  Grade:  A+

Allison Williams in red.  Beautiful dress.  Very feminine and sweet, however, I think her hair would have looked much better in this Veronica Lake type hairstyle if her hair were longer.

Sienna Miller - She is such a gorgeous girl.  I loved LOVED this dress!  It has a sort of 1950's feel to it with the embroidery and bead work.  Love her hair also.  Grade:  A+  WINNER WINNER WINNER!

Ruth Williams of "The Affair" ... what the hell is this ugly schmatta in green and blue double thick polyester looking crap?!  Ruth!  A smile might have helped the overall terrible look of this disaster.  But I guess if I were wearing this I wouldn't be smiling either.  Grade:  DOUBLE F MINUS because gurl, this is UGLEEEEEEE! 

Julianne Moore - LOVED it.  Beautiful silver gown with feathers at the bottom.  I couldn't get the photo any larger, but I loved this look and her body is killer.  Grade:  A+

Julianna Margulies - to me she ALWAYS LOOKS THE SAME.  Very well groomed, very skin tight SIMPLE dress with the appropriate jewelry.  Black bag, black pumps.  Very mediocre.   And p.s. that fabric looks like a bordello's wall covering.  Grade:  "Eh."

Kate Beckinsale.  This woman ALWAYS looks INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL.  She WOWS every single time I have ever seen her on the Red Carpet.  Love the shade of this gown, a lovely taupey/beige with a beautifully sparkly bodice.  Grade:  A+  WINNER WINNER WINNER!!!

Keira Knightly.  I LOVE Kiera Knightly and I know she's pregnant and all but Keira, you look like a haus frau.  Though she is wearing Chanel, it was very frumpy.  What's with that big old collar?  It looks like a giant bib and what's with the butterflies and hummingbirds????  And that butterfly bracelet?  The whole ensemble is a big mess.  Sorry Keira.  Though I love you, I am giving you a bad grade because I KNOW you can do better.  Grade:  D-

Jennifer Lopez - What can I say?  The bitch looked awesome.  Grade:  A (I REFUSE to put a plus sign after that A!)  

Clair Danes - GOOD GOD.  IF the point was to look like a 45 year old woman in the 19th century, then she succeeded.  Grade:  DOUBLE F-

Class Couple - George Clooney and Amal - She in black with white gloves - tres chic.  He - gorgeous in a tux.  Grade:  A+++  WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS!

Emma Stone - It was a jumpsuit (or romper as everyone is saying today)
I didn't like it.  She usually looks really great but this was just mediocre.  She needed a tan, her hair was blah, makeup wasn't very good .... maybe it just wasn't her night.  Also, she came with her brother (who seriously needs a reverse perm and needs to stop chewing gum in public) Grade:  C-

Reese Witherspoon - gorgeous in silver.  AMAZING!  Very Carole Lombard - A+

Kate Hudson aka The Princess of Hollywood.  Kate bugs me.  Her ears stick out and she's always in transition ... is she married? Engaged?  Dating? Pregnant?  Her eyebrows are too dark and she should really get those ears pinned back.  Grade:  B

Jennifer Aniston - Black.  Simple.  Hair should have been worn down.  She always looks really good.  Simple, elegant.  Grade:  A.  

Salma Hayek - Almost ALWAYS nails it but this look is a big fat miss.  The hair, either the flower should stay or the earrings should go ... both are too much.  Don't like the belt.  Don't like the bracelet.  Don't like the bag.  Salma - as much as it pains me .... Grade:  D-

Leslie Mann - adorable in yellow BUT NOT WITH A DARK FOREST GREEN bag and earrings.  Grade D- for bad choice in jewelry. 

Felicity Huffman - WOW!  That's all .... WOW.  Grade:  A+

That's it.  Until next year .... SMOOCHES!
Feel free to add or comment on anyone I forgot.


  1. Oh, we'll have some differences when my list appears tomorrow.
    I'll simply say I just couldn't with JLo and leave it at that ......

  2. I look forward to your posts every award season!!
    Juliana Marguiles needs to never wear black shoes again. Seriously, it's all I noticed.
    AndJ-Lo's tits, I've seen enough of.
    No one should wear yellow.
    Lorde looks 40. She will age into that face eventually. She's still gorgeous and very talented.
    Giuliana Rancic is hard to look at.


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