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So I'm sitting on the couch with the TV set to QVC, Trixie is sleeping by my side and I'm playing on the internet Googling random crap like "WEHT Susan Anton?" And intermittently writing stuff for the blog and my book, which is a work in progress and I hope gets published and then optioned into a movie which then wins the Academy Award and I can retire and just write for the rest of my life and never, EVER get laid off again. 

At some point I must take a shower (it's 11:33 am) and get my ass to Cost Co. because I need paper plates and Comet and I know that I am not going to do any of this because deep down inside, I don't want to. So I jump onto Pinterest and start perusing photographs and "words of wisdom". After an hour of this I decide I better move or I'll be sitting on the couch for another hour, so I quickly jump onto Facebook and Hollye makes mention she's going to see Todd Rundgren that night and has a You Tube video of him singing "Can We Still Be Friends" so of course I have to watch it because I LOVE TODD RUNDGREN and then I'm on You Tube for another hour listening to every song he ever did and mentally going back to 1974 where I remain for another hour and a half.  

If I had a dime for every minute I've wasted perusing non-productive pleasures I'd be a billionaire. 


  1. Ah hon I do the same's a sickness. I thought I was computer challenged until I started my blog...then the flood gates opened...I now know how to do wayyy toooo much.


    ps. Saw Todd at the Ford Theatre back in the day...oh man...what a treat...genius..

  2. Bunny, this makes me feel so much better ... SERIOUSLY. I'm in fear of turning into a slug FOREVER.

  3. Dear Debbie,
    Do you have someone to discuss your interests, like your book? Sometimes that helps to get you motivated to get back into it. I'd be happy to talk with you about it. Email me. Also, take a visit to the PsyBlog. There are some good articles there on building good constructive habits and breaking bad ones like procrastination. They've been helpful to me.
    All the Best.

  4. Oh, man. I waste so much friggin' time. Like I read the obituaries of my hometown newspaper.

    I, too, love Todd Rundgren! I mean his ballads; he's also done a lot of experimental stuff I can't get into. My best friend in high school used to have "Runt" album. Such fond memories.


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