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GINO OR VIGGO????? I'm so torn ...

It happened again. A jones-fest over Gino. I had a tough, hard day at work and all I wanted to do when I got home was shower and sit on my bed with my computer in my lap and look at Gino Vannelli videos from back in the day .... (which is confirmation that even though you're an old bag and you have age spots all over your arms and legs and you're a flabby white whale there is still a 25 year old girl living inside you). So after infusing myself with GINO, GINO, GINO ... IT HAPPENED. I went to sleep and had a dream about Viggo!! Do you think he's jealous? Do you think he's reached out through the ether and "caught me" cheating? Can you blame me?! He doesn't write, he doesn't call, he doesn't visit me in the library of my dreams. What am I supposed to do??? I'm so torn. I NEED DIRECTION!!!!


  1. I didn't think you were capable of such a thing. Tisk, tisk, such a shame.....

  2. Well, it is a difficult question to ask yourself. Should you give up on Viggo after all of the time and energy you have spent on building this fantasy life that has become almost 'real' to you? You have read Viggo, watched Viggo, written of Viggo, listened to Viggo, dreamt of Viggo, and whole heartedly believed that if Viggo just met you once he would most certainly fall in love with you, or at the very least, develop a big ol' crush on you. Gino is a very handsome fellow w similar qualities as Viggo. He is artistic, expressive, deep, good looking, sexy, and eloquent. Can you invest the same amount of time and energy into building something equally as delusional and entertaining w Gino?? I think not. As your baby Sister-Friend I must be honest w you and tell you that Gino is merely a distraction. Granted a very handsome and tempting distraction, but a distraction none the less. Your heart belongs to Viggo. You are a one fantasy crush kinda gal. Its sorta like Carrie and Big vs Carrie and Aidan. Sex and the City fans know how that worked out. So hang in there Seester. You will get your Big just like Carrie did.

  3. A Gino flashback! He put out some great songs. Off to you tube!

  4. wow..deb.."Gino or Viggo"...not a competion..."Gino is the all time Favorite!..." I just want to stop" him!

  5. What's wrong with having both? We're still talking about fantasy....right?


  6. Debbie,

    Well now you have a serious problem, my friend. Because if you abandon Viggo for Gino you're going to have rename your blog.

    Out goes: 'From Venting to Viggo'.

    In comes: 'From Griping to Gino'.

    Hardy, har, har.

    PS, I got a good deal on 'American Fascists' on amazon. Soon as it gets here, I'll get into it.

    Take care.

  7. I know it's tempting to look elsewhere when Viggo has been MIA lately (I personally enjoy eye candy Shemar Moore). But I've got years (and $$$) invested in my enjoyment of Mr. Mortensen, and if he so much as crooks his finger (i.e., when his new films finally open or he does some PR for them), I'll be lost again. This I know. You too?


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