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I just finished listening to Sarah Palin's "statement" on the Tucson shootings ...

I rest my case. Kinda different when it's you, huh Sarah.

I'm sorry hon ... does this "offend" you? Well, TOO BAD. Your "cross-hairs map" offended me. You Moron.

AND P.S. ... As for her eight minute speech, she was addressing us as if she were sitting in the oval office with the American flag on display like she was the President of the United States or something. She's nobody. She's a quasi-politician who quit the governorship of Alaska because she saw dollar signs when the heavens parted and God told her to go and promote the right wing agenda. Who is Sarah Palin that she has to make a TELEVISED STATEMENT to US? She's nobody. She has a reality T.V. show where we watch her lock, load and kill defenseless animals and entertain other morons like Kate Gosselin and her brood of brats. Sarah Palin, and those of her ilk are exactly the people she was speaking about in her speech. I don't recall anyone else posting a map of the United States with cross hairs on it. I mean seriously!

I'm intelligent enough to know that Sarah Palin did not do that to incite anyone to go on a shooting spree. But God almighty, when you use visuals like that and talk about "not retreating but re-loading", that kind of language is beyond irresponsible and very, very dangerous. We don't live in the 1800's when the "N" word was common language and folks needed an arsenal to protect themselves from Injuns and wild animals. What Sarah should have done was gone on television, shed some real tears for her irresponsible words and visuals and take some serious responsibility for the negativity of what she posted on her Facebook page. Then, she should have flown to the Congresswoman's bedside and BEGGED her forgiveness. Instead, she used this horrible tragedy as yet another opportunity to promote her twisted viewpoint. And she calls herself a Christian. I don't know Sarah ... what would Jesus say about that cross hair pic. My guess? Nothing good.
The one good thing to come out of this is that she has totally screwed herself out of EVER becoming President, Vice-President or the holder of any important office in this country - THANK GOD.
NOW, why don't you go kill a moose or something.


  1. She is beyond ignorant.
    Cinty loo

  2. Although I completely blame the psycho who did the shooting...Pain's graphics and many others need to stop. I understand she likes to think of herself as a "maverick" from Alaska and that the 1st amendment should allow everyone of us to say what's on our minds...but people need to understand the consequences of their words and actions....


  3. To put it simply, Sarah Palin scares me. And I'm even more afraid that so many conservative Americans are so gullible that they listen to her. To listen to her would mean that everyone in the universe but her and her ingroup are wrong about everything. I take hope in the fact that there are many conservatives who have said flatly that Palin must not become President.



  4. Totally agree. Why the media gives this political nobody any airtime is beyond me. She is no one in politics. She was the mayor of a two bit town, and wasn't strong enough to handle one term as governor. So why do we care what she thinks?
    I blogged about this, too.

  5. Deb..u are absolutely spot on...she blew her chances of ever becoming President..Not that she had a chance, but people watched her because she's great to make fun of. However, this shooting casts a dark cloud over her camp, and her rebel rousing is over.This is not fun and games anymore She taunts at the democrats, and our President, with guns blazing as she thinks it makes her look like a leader. ( Not a fan of either party.) But her demeanor is inciteful, hurtful, & now deadly.

    Arizona is last of the states that is still considered the "wild wild west". It's legal to carry guns in the streets, and establishments like business as usual. This is a state that was the last to declare "Martin Luther King" a holdiay. They fought tooth and nail until they were finally defeated, and it passed. Fast forward to TEA PARTY COUNTRY...where they HATE everything OBAMA ( everything minority), and vow to take him and the democratic government out any way they can. They marched on Capitol Hill, throwing racial slurs at black lawmakers over health care, and then held rallies at voting poll sites to intimidate voters to vote Republican.

    This is serious, and new it was coming. There is going to be more blood in the streets...if someone does not take control of this out of control government!. Dems And Republicans!...

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  7. One of my big problems with Sarah Palin, is that her narrow view of America simply doesn't include me.

    I'm not a hockey mom.
    I'm not "Joe Sixpack."
    I'm not white.
    I'm not republican 100% of the time.
    I'm not democrat 100% of the time either. (It depends on the person, the voting issue, and the best argument made for either.)

    But I do think. Rene Decartes said famously, "I think, therefore, I am."

    I say, "I think. Therefore, no Palin.


  8. Well said, Big Sister. Godspeed to the Tucson victims and their families.

    I feel compelled to add an open letter to Sarah Palin:

    Dear Sarah,


    All Intelligent Americans


  9. I couldn't have put it any better myself. I will never subscribe to what this woman is selling. She is a joke and an embarrassment to all women. She needs to just go away, pinche pendeja!!!


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