Friday, August 31, 2012


Clint Eastwood, God bless him ... but WTF was that?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The last couple of weeks have been fraught with too much sadness.  Bad news and more bad news.  I have shed many tears and have been quite contemplative the last few weeks.  We all have those moments when the pains of life hit home and then crap like a presidential election and even being unemployed becomes meaningless and unimportant because I have breath and life and a future ... at least for now.  

The other day I walked through a dialysis unit.  Many beds filled with patients who were either sleeping, reading, or listening to music while their blood was being filtered.  Young and old, all hooked up to a machine that allowed them to continue living.  I silently prayed for each one as I passed through that room realizing how lucky I am.  THANK YOU GOD.  

Prior to that, I spent six days in Arizona visiting my beautiful cousin .... the very first friend/playmate and confidant I ever had, as he lay in a hospital bed after learning he has a brain tumor.  I cried for hours as I remembered every moment of our childhood.  Our first day of kindergarten, the red tricycle we would race around on, the fights we had as little children when our mothers would separate us by placing the trash cans across our little back patio. My selfish anger at him for wanting to play in my bigger, better plastic swimming pool and then jumping into his inferior little pool when mine sprung a leak.  Watching him cut a jagged circle out of construction paper and feeling a BURST of love for him because his circle was so funky and mine was perfection ... but mostly, wondering how it all went by so quickly.  Fifty four years gone by in a flash, a blink, a breath ... and then, the pain of knowing someone you love is suffering.  

I spent six days in his house amongst his things.  I watched his t.v. and slept in his bed.  I moved about where he, until a week prior, moved about .... before he knew he had this thing in his brain, and I felt so sad.  Sadder than sad.  He, ever positive and upbeat ... which is his way ... accepts what is to come.  Sounds happy and cheerful and hopeful on the phone.  He is generosity and selflessness, beautiful, loving, kind, and so funny.  Sweet, and thoughtful ... he is everything good.  

So tonight, when you say goodnight to your loved ones, send up a little love and a prayer for my cousin and oldest friend, will you?  It would mean so much.  Thank you.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Women who feel they must photograph their big old bellies when they're pregnant.  I find this disgusting and gross.   I do not want to see someone's pregnant belly no matter how artistically you have photographed it.  You are not the first person on earth to ever "give birth" or "bear a child" so get the fuck over yourselves.  Ugh. 

Here we have Earth Mother Lady of the Lake emerging from the water with child (eyes rolling)


I don't know what the hell she's trying to say with her sarong, her big belly and her red umbrella at sunset ... it must have some deeper meaning that I, a woman who has never borne a child, cannot understand.  

This gal looks like she's ready to deliver her baby and drop it right on it's head.  Maybe she could find a mattress or a pillow or something?  I'm just sayin'. 

I'll pick a little bird from heaven while I make everyone look at the ugly dark line that is running down my big old belly.  Gross. 

Notice the lines, the contour, the dark against the light, the breast, the belly, the teddy bear ... GAWD.

 A firefighter?  Really? 

Personally, I find all of these pictures really stupid.  All I can think about is that scene in Aliens when the monster comes out of that guys gut.  


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Danny has been hijacking my Viggo screensaver with pictures of Raquel Welch and Jennifer Lopez.  Pleeeze dude.  The difference between your obsession and mine is that mine THINKS and does not have a pair of silicone enhanced knockers.  My obsession is an ARTIST.  He is age appropriate and my intellectual equal.  That he is manly and handsome and sexy has nothing to do with it.  He's a renaissance man.  Literate, creative, thoughtful.  How can you possibly compare that to Raquel or Jennifer?  Answer ... you can't.

Here are samples of my screensavers:

dreamy and romantic ....

regular guy in a shirt .... 
thoughtful and introspective.

Where, I ask you do you find anything remotely sexual or cheap?  YOU DON'T.  

Now ... here's Danny's wallpapers:

He tried to tell me that this one reminded him of me when I was young (eyes rolling) ... psshh ... everyone knows that I'm prettier than her.

and this one:

Wherein Jennifer thinks (to the extent she can think) ..."I know, why don't I pose like this ... I'll lie down and stretch myself languidly as I arch my back so that my stomach looks super ultra flat and I can wear a Hello Kitty chain around my waist and then I can smile sweetly yet invitingly ... (eyes rolling ugh) Oh, and by the way hon, Jennifer likes them super young ... like junior high young.  Raquel on the other hand, I'd say you might have a chance with her cause she's old enough to be my mother and she'd love you because you are hot, if I do say so myself. 

(p.s. I hate Jennifer Lopez.)

So there.  I rest my case.  I am far more discerning than Danny.  However, I realize he can't really help himself.  He is, after all, a man.