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Giuliana Rancic has gone with a very pretty ballgown, very princessy blush, lavendar and pink sparkly flowers, however I don't like the belt.  Giuliana photographs very well here however on camera her teeth stick out from her teeny tiny jawline and make her look like a cadaver.  She should warn folks not to get too close to her ... those shoulder bones could take an eye out.  Grade:  A

Lily Collins - beautiful girl and this dress!  GORGEOUS!  The shade of rose or mauve or whatever you want to call it is beautiful on her skin.  Her makeup is perfection, hair/jewels amazing.  Grade:  A++ WINNER WINNER WINNER  WINNER

Olivia Culpo - GORGEOUS girl.  I actually really like this gown.  It has a European feel to it.  I love the fabric and the neckline.  Hair is good and makeup is perfection. Grade:  A 

Emily Ratajkowski.  There is something so sexy about this chick that just teeters on slutty.  She has gigantic knockers which I'm sure the boys just LOVE.  Very pretty dress.  Grade:  A

Anna Chlumsky.  TWO WORDS:  SPRAY TAN.

Kristin Cavalleri - GORGEOUS in a white beaded gown.  Simple elegance.  Love the hair and the makeup. Less is always more. Grade:  A+

Kathryn Hahn.  I'm putting her in because she was in Viggo's movie.  I actually really dig this look.  Very hip and sexy.  Love it!  Grade:  A

Gwendolyn Christie (who are you?) Hon ... the point at an awards show is too STAND OUT not BLEND IN.  Your hair is white, your skin is white, your dress is white. You are kind of too white.  Grade: White.

Felicity Huffman.  Lots of white on the red carpet tonight.  Felicty looks very pulled together.  Simple and elegant.  Grade:  A

I LOVE MANDY MOORE!  So adorable, however, not feeling this gown.  It's lacking something.  I don't really like those earrings with this gown.  Love you Mandy but have to give you a B-

Felicity Jones.  She is an incredible actress but this dress is a mess!  It looks like she made it in Home Ec.  There is just too much crap going on here. The black almost look as if it was drawn on.  And what's with the belt and the sparkly bow pin?  And the pink of the skirt does not match the pink on the bodice and what are those little black palm trees at the hem?  Grade:  F-

Natalie Portman truly channeling Jackie Kennedy.  She is very pregnant and I have a feeling that all the fashionistas are going to give her rave reviews.  She really does look like Jackie ala 1960's.  I don't LOVE it, but she looks good.  Grade:  B

Ruth Negga, best actress nominee for Loving.  She is looking very Josephine Baker to me with the hair kind of waved ... I'm also feeling a 1970's vibe, very 
Studio 54, she reminds me the famous model Pat Cleveland.  Grade:  A+ WINNER WINNER WINNER

Octavia Spencer. NO.  This is not good.  Your hair and makeup are good but girlfriend, the pants ... they would look so much better if they were longer.  Although I'd rather see you in a beautiful gown.  You failed me this year Octavia.  Grade:  D-

Michelle Williams.  I.  HATE.  THIS.  LOOK.  She looks like a kitty cat ... or a saloon gal with that choker tie thing.  The fabric of this gown is HORRIBLE and it looks cheap.  I don't like the bodice or those things on her arms.  It's terrible.  Grade:  F-

Priyanka Chopra ... GORGEOUS! Love the dress!  It fits her perfectly and I love the gold.  Not sure about the necklace and I wish she'd worn another shade of lipstick.  That dead maroon color ... ugh.  But other than that .... Grade:  A

Thandie Newton.  I LOVE THANDIE NEWTON!!!  Gorgeous!  Grade:  A+ WINNER WINNER WINNER!!

Hippie Dippy Drew Barrymore ... gotta love her!  This is a very ugly dress.  There is nothing more to say.  Grade:  F-

Kristin Bell ... GORGEOUS!!!!  She always nails it!  Grade:  A+ WINNER WINNER WINNER

Amy Adams ... This is almost too perfect.  Grade:  B

Anna Kendrick ... it's probably just the way it was photographed, but doesn't look like she has three boobs?  One boob is in the middle of her chest and the other boob is way over there???   Grade:  A+

Sarah Paulson ... she really does glam it up with sparkly fabric and jewels.  I'm not loving this gown but her makeup/hair and earrings are very nice ..
Grade:  B

Julia Louis Dreyfuss - same old same old same old same old ... BORING FORM FITTING SIMPLE BLAND UNEXCITING DRESS.  Grade:  Not Worthy

Sienna Miller ... lovely girl, but honey ... you're at the Golden Globes not the prom.  And those pearls!  Looks like you bought them at Forever 21.  Grade:  D

Class Couple:  Justin and Jessica.  Justin looking mighty handsome.  Jessica needs to do something with her hair.  That dress ... ???? not sure. 



Gillian Anderson - GORGEOUS!  I wish I could think of another adjective.  She looks so SO BEAUTIFUL!  GRADE:  A+

CLASS COUPLE:  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - GORGEOUS!!!!!

Heidi "Fuckin" Klum ... F- to the nth degree because I hate her

CLASS COUPLENicole Kidman and Keith Urban - Nicole also seems to be channeling the saloon girl look.  "Miss Kitty goes to the Golden Globes" (if you're under 40 you'll never get the reference.  Ask your parents who Miss Kitty was)
Her hair and make-up are gorge though.  Grade:  C

So ladies and germs, that's it for 2017.  If I missed any of your favorites, please feel free to email me a comment.  NEXT ...



  1. I didn’t see the carpet but caught some of the show; still, I can dish just on these photos ...
    Giuliana Rancic. She’s like an appetizer toothpick with a tropical napkin wrapped around her. Too damn thin.
    Lily Collins. Pretty but kinda Cinderella and Cindy already rocked this look.
    Olivia Culpo. Don’t know her, but she is fabulous. This dress is giving me Frida Kahlo.
    Emily Ratajkowski. It’s too Look at me, I’m slutty.
    Anna Chlumsky. Anna Clumsy.
    Kristin Cavalleri. Very beauty pageant and why is she at the Globes??
    Kathryn Hahn. This is more after work cocktails—after removing your shirt—than Golden Globes. Nice look, wrong event.
    Gwendolyn Christie. Whoever she is, she’s seems to be channeling Gaga and Cynthia Nixon.
    Felicity Huffman. Love her; meh dress.
    Many Moore. It’s the hair; it doesn’t go with that dress.
    Felicity Jones JPUD. Just Plain Ugly Dress.
    Natalie Portman. If she wanted to channel Jackie she shouldn’t have worn La Jolie’s lips.
    Ruth Negga. Head-to-toe covered up sexy!
    Octavia Spencer. Is that my suit?
    Michelle Williams. Little House On The Prairie wants their look back.
    Priyanka Chopra. She’s buying into the rumors that she’s the new It Girl and she’s trying too hard. A gold dress at the Globes? Oh, honey? No. No.
    Thandie Newton. I could’a done with the sequins at the bottom because the top half of this dress is gorgeous all by itself.
    Drew Barrymore. She’s still rocking the I Love Butterflies trend. It’s.Over.
    Kristin Bell = Sex. And this from a gay guy!
    Amy Adams. Yawn. The top part looks like a piece of sequin covered cardboard.
    Anna Kendrick. She looks like a bad Picasso. From his gray period.
    Sarah Paulson. I.Love.Her. She.Does.No.Wrong.
    Julia Louis Dreyfuss. This could be from any year of any Globes. Try something new. Sheesh!
    Sienna Miller. Look at her face; even she hates this dress.
    Justin and Jessica. Loathe them. I call them ‘Smug and Smarmy’ and ‘Full Of Herself’.
    Sofia Vergara. See Julia LD? You can change your look and still rule the carpet!
    Gillian Anderson. It looks a little wedding, which fits because she looks like her body married Glenn Close’s face.
    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. It would look better if she moved a little to the left ... out of the frame ..... a little more ... a little more ... almost there ... perfect.
    Heidi Klum. At least it’s not awful, like she usually does.
    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Seriously thought it was Ellen and Portia. And I love Keith and Nicky. And Ellen and Portia.
    That’s all.

    1. BOB!!! You're so amazing loyal to my blog ... I LUV U. ok ... this right here ... Natalie Portman. If she wanted to channel Jackie she shouldn’t have worn La Jolie’s lips. I WAS WONDERING WHAT HELL DID SHE DO TO HER LIPS????

      As always, you make me laugh out loud. Know you guys were on vacay (right?) Hope it was swell!

    2. We had a great time in the fun and sun and Cuban food of Miami! But we're glad to be home!


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