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2016 GRAMMY RED CARPET .... p.s. I know NOBODY ....

Justin and baby brother Jax (because he's young enough to have a BABY brother THAT young).  Justin love, did you just drink some chocolate milk or is that supposed to be a mustache?  

Justin is "cute" in that teen idol kinda way ... you know ... a guy that looks likes a girl. 

Taylor darling, uh ... I think I get where you were trying to go however, the big girl panties peeping through your skirt just ruined it for me. 

So I guess they're friends?  OR am I confusing these two girls with two other BFF's?????

Isn't this the little girl who doesn't like to walk and has an assistant to carry her whenever she gets tired?  Honey - you might want to lose those eyelashes.  If you blink too much you may become airborne.  

Zendaya, I don't know why but I LOVE this little girl. She is so poised and articulate and she has a real sense of her own style.

Anna Kendrick.  Girlfriend, please consider a lip plumper.  

Here she is.  The Human Toothpick Giuliana Rancic.  Notice how she is leaning ... the weight of this dress is just enough to topple her over. 

 Demi Lovato looking like a mature vampire.  She also sang Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" and girlfriend KILLED it.

I know the dude in the suit is Diplo.  I know this because I checked him out on YouTube.  His music (if you can call it that) made my ears bleed.

Adele.  Talented and beautiful.

... one wrong move and the whole wide world will see her kitty cat.

Donna Summer cir. 1977?

Grade:  NO.

Really?  It looks like she put her nightgown on backwards. 

 A belly dancing Judy Jetson?

Looking very rock n roll.  Perfect for the Grammys.
Who are you?

Merlin's assistant?

 Jane Seymour?  What the hell are YOU doing here?

Lisa Lampenelli ... yes.  You CAN lose too much weight.

That's it folks.  The only reason I did this post is because today was a day off for me and I figured what the hell.  

I'm watching the awards because I wanted to see the tributes to Glenn Frey, David Bowie and Maurice White. You know who they are don't you?  THEY WERE MUSICIANS .... WHO WROTE MUSIC AND LYRICS.  They did that back in the olden days when I was a teenager.  The BEST music came out of the 1970's.  PERIOD. BAR NONE.  

So glad I grew up when I did.  Hope you enjoyed my little post.  It will probably be the first and the last Grammy Best and Worst I'll ever do.

Nite Nite.  


  1. Oh dear lord, was there a Best in this group? Who are these people!? I'm feeling every bit of my almost sixty years. Love your side bar funnies. They are always a good pick me up.


  2. All I can say is that I thought Zendaya was Justin Bieber.

    That's bad, right?

  3. The Grammys and the AMAs are usually the only awards shows I watch. The older I get, the harder they are to sit through. The Bowie tribute, The Eagles with Jackson Browne, and T-Swizzle throwing shade at Kanye were my favorite parts! Oh and any time the camera is on Dave Grohl. Rock on.


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