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Heidi Klum.  Girl ... do you EVER stay home?  Do you have to attend EVERY SINGLE AWARD SHOW EVER?

I'm thinking Big Bird.  A furry long sleeve, a mini skirt, a sheer long skirt, a spaghetti strap and yellow platforms.  Yeah.  Definitely Big Bird.  Grade:  F-

Christina Hendricks ... 

Studs for the plus sized gal.  Christina - FYI - spray tan.  Grade:  D-

Laura Prepon ...

All that is missing are the castanets.  Grade:  D-

Amy Shumer looking very pretty.  I think the top is a little too small, but hey, if you've got the knockers - show them off.  Because I Love her ... Grade:  A!

Claire Danes ...

1.  The hair does not go with the dress or this event.  President of the PTA, yes.  The Emmy Awards, no.  
2.  And what's with the hardware?  It makes the dress look like that heavy bib 
     they make you wear when you get your teeth x-rayed.  Grade:  F- 

Lady GaGa ...

Tres elegant, however those tats leave much to be desired.  If she'd covered those things up she'd be a real winner.  Grade:  B-

Jamie Lee Curtis ...

Perfection!  Elegance/class/style ... and I love the fact that she hasn't had any work.  Grade:  A

Joanna Newsom ...

I'm thinking Civil War .... cameos .... and then there's a waterfall of salmon chiffon down the center for no good reason.  This is either fashion forward or a huge mistake.  Grade:  Huge Mistake

Uzo Abduba ...

So ... first you've picked two of the ugliest colors to begin with and then you put them together.  The skirt part of the dress looks like a painter's drop cloth with gray paint.  This is plain old ugly.  Jewlery bad.  Hair bad. Overall look BAD.  
Grade:  F- 

Taryn Manning ....

Vampira?  Grade:  F- 

January Jones ...

I like that she went with a romper (jumpsuit in my day) however it lacks the glam factor for an awards show.  It doesn't fit her properly and it needs to be pressed. Grade:  C-

Kiernan Shipka ...

Very pretty little girl but she should have made up her mind ... pants or a dress.  Wearing these together is STUPID.  Grade:  F-

Teyona Parris ...

Kind of sweet ... her hair is right out of the 80's (my favorite era) ... I'll give her B-

Sofia Vegara...

Same old same old. I'd love to see her do something different.  Grade:  The Usual.

Naomie Grossman ...

She looks like a punctuation mark.  And the earrings are ALL WRONG.  
Grade:  D-  

Regina King ...

Ding Dong.  She looks like a bell.  Grade:  C-

Nazanin Bonialidi...

Very pretty girl.  I believe this was the Stepford girlfriend the Scientologists were grooming for Tom Cruise ... she came after Katie found her marbles and decided to rejoin the real world.  The dress is a little odd but I kind of like it.  Grade:  B-

Now for my confession.  I didn't even watch the show this year.  Have totally lost interest.  I did this at the last minute.  (shame shame) ... please feel free to comment and to add any one I didn't mention.  

THANKS EVERYONE!!!  And have no fear ... THE ACADEMY AWARDS are still what I live for!

P.S. My friend Bob of "I Should Be Laughing" ( who ALWAYS faithfully leaves comments on my silly little posts left a HILARIOUS comment to my Emmy post.  Please check it out and check out his blog.  He's brilliant!!


  1. Heidi was AWFUL. I thought it was a joke at first.

    Christina Hendricks needs to stay away from busy patterns.

    Laura Prepon, bullfighter chic. It's all the rage in $cientology.

    Amy Shumer. Them gazongas needed some girders and support beams and she needed a hairbrush.

    Claire Danes ... bad hair, liked the dress. She has the exact opposite gazonga problem that Amy has.

    Lady GaGa was kinda Boring Actress. Pretty but not Gaga-riffic.

    Jamie Lee Curtis. Love her. Fabuloso because she is not playing the Hollywood game.

    Joanna Newsom ... "Civil War cameos." Nailed it, though I'd add, "Other than that, Missus Lincoln, how was the play?"

    Uzo Abduba. Paint-splattered much?

    Taryn Manning .... there are no words, or at least none I care to use on the interwebz.

    January Jones ... It's a meh.

    Kiernan Shipka. A lampshade in trousers.

    Teyona Parris. I like the dottiness of it all, but, oy, that hair!

    Sofia Vegara. Nothing new, yawn.

    Naomie Grossman looks like her dress is melting in the heat.

    Regina King. Kinda short, and kinda stiff, but I love her!

    Nazanin Bonialidi. So, did the left shoulder fall off or what??

  2. Girl, I thought of you last night when I was clicking through the style pages of! I didn't watch the Emmys either. There were a LOT of white dresses this year. On a white background. Yuck. Emma Roberts looked so washed out it was awful!

    1. Agree. As for Emma Roberts I have always felt that she is almost pretty.


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