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So ....

Apparently Kim penned a "powerful essay on nudity and empowerment" on The Huffington Post.

Dear Kim,

Empowerment?  Girl, you are IN LOVE with yourself.  Seriously.  IN.  LOVE.  WITH.  YOURSELF.  This is called narcissism, not empowerment.  And you have infected an entire generation of young women with the same personality disorder.  I cannot go anywhere without watching girls everywhere taking pictures of themselves.  I find it incredibly tiresome, annoying and yes, destructive.  In my day this behavior was called conceit.

You have big tits and a big ass.  Big whup.  Honey, I can walk down the street any day of the week and find young girls more beautiful than you who do not flash their tits in everyone's face.  Young girls who are TRULY empowered.  You know why?  Because they have REAL jobs.  They are educated, smart, possess healthy self-esteem and dignity, and they earn their money with their brains, not their va-jay-jays.

In a few years no one will remember you or care about you.  Right now you are the IT girl.  But you won't always be the IT girl.  Trust me.  There have been countless IT girls before you whom your generation wouldn't know and they were EXTREMELY FAMOUS in their day and the paparazzi hounded them just like they hound you and your ridiculous sisters, and now ... they're all pretty much forgotten.  And guess what else?  THEY GOT OLD.  Yeah.  They did. 

1.  Bo Derek.  The press hounded her constantly.  They followed her and
     her Svengali husband John Derek night and day.  She was the shit back 
     in the 1970's and now ... you never see her.

Bo today.  Older yes, but still a beauty.
2.  Farrah Fawcett.  Same thing as Bo.  Farrah was married to a very
     famous T.V. star Lee Majors.  She was then cast in Charlie's Angels
     and fuggedaboutit!  She became SUPER DUPER FAMOUS and the
     press followed her nonstop.  When she divorced Lee Majors to be with
     Ryan O'Neal (also another SUPER FAMOUS actor from the 1970's) the
     press went wild.  They surrounded the L.A. County Courthouse just
     like they did during the O.J. trial, and reported what she wore to
     court every day.  Now ... she's dead.

Farrah Fawcett and first husband Lee Majors
Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal
And last but not least, the Queen of Sex, Brigitte Bardot.

  This was her then ....

Sex Goddess

And this is her now.

Obviously, she's had no work.  Love it.

 And keep in mind, these ladies, as sexy as they were, NEVER posed totally naked.  Ever.  They bared breasts, but that was it.  No va-jay-jay, no sex tapes, no full on frontal nudity EVER.  Because even then they had some semblance of reserve and class.  Compare Playboy in the 1960's to a porn magazine today and you will see what I am talking about.

YOU, my love, lack this reserve and class. 

So, if you think taking full on naked pictures of YOURSELF and posting them onto social media so the entire world can view your tits and ass is empowerment, I’m here to tell you it isn’t.  It’s narcissism on a level so colossal it defies logic. 

Some day you will get old.  You will.  Your lady parts will dry up and you will no longer be able to make the male population hard.  It's a reality love.  And no amount of Botox or Juverderm or nips or tucks will ever change it.  Then you, too, will fade into obscurity and be nothing more than a footnote in popular culture.  By then who knows?  Maybe North will be having sexual relations with animals on T.V. and calling it "empowerment" just like you. 



  1. Look, she made a name for herself by lying flat on her back with her heels to Jesus and continues that trend today. She sets quite the example for her children, but then she doesn't think about how they might react when they're old enough to realize Daddy's a lunatic and Mommy's a fame/shore.


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