Monday, February 28, 2011

In my haste to get my "best and worst" out Monday ... the day right after the Awards ...

I neglected to include Jennifer Hudson and how amazing she looked in my Oscar recap. I had every intention of mentioning her and in my rush to post I FORGOT!!!! Special thanks to Divamom over at Act II (do check out her blog ... she's on my bloglist) who made me aware of my faux pas. Jennifer Hudson ... loved the gown, especially the color - that orange/tangerine ... beautiful. Loved the hair, loved the jewels, everything.
GRADE: A+ to the 9th Degree ...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Awwwwww, Sandra Bullock. We all love Sandra. Lovely in Red ... Grade: A
Reese Witherspoon. LOVED LOVED LOVED this look. Very 1960's. Chic and elegant. Loved the dress, loved the ponytail, loved the makeup. Loved it. Grade: A+

Best Actresss Oscar Winner, Natalie Portman. She did an amazing job in Black Swan but I gotta tell you, this dress doesn't really wow me. She's pretty and fresh and pregnant. Grade: B.

La Diva Sharon Stone. DAYUM she's thin ... she looks very good however, I don't think I would have gone with red lipstick. Something softer would have worked better and made her look a little younger. Really love the dress but the hair looks like it would make a comfy home for a family of spiders. Grade: B- (cause the hair sucks).

Best Actress Nominee, Michelle Williams. VERY talented actress. She wore a sweet Chanel gown, simple, elegant. She has a very Audrey Hepburn aura about her. Loved the hair and makeup. Grade: B. Ms. Helen Bonham Carter, Best Supporting Actress Nominee. I think she is beautiful and very, very talented. Loved this dress. It had a very Victorian look to it and if I'm not mistaken, I think she had somewhat of a bustle in back. I just love her originality. Grade: A

Annette Bening. Also an incredible actress and really deserves an Oscar. She's been nominated several times and has never won. She always looks chic and elegant. Although this particular gown looks like she just got off the set of "The Curse of the Spider Woman" ... Grade: B-
Donald Trump and the Mrs. I hate this asshole. And personally, I don't find her all that gorgeous ... she looks like a lizard to me ... it's those slanty eyes. Grade: Eh.

Gwyneth Paltrow. OK. I cannot stand this broad (she kissed Viggo - bish) but DAYUM she looked fantastic. Dress - very chic; jewelry - perfect; hair - perfect; body - slammin'. Loved it. Grade: A+

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. Without a doubt, the sexiest couple at the Oscars. And she just had a baby! She looks so sexy. Beautiful gown, beautiful earrings, hair - soft and gorgeous and her boobs are slammin'. And that Javier ... ALL MAN ... YOWZA. Grade: A+
Halle Berry. ALWAYS, ALWAYS PERFECT. This was a beautiful beigy/gold confection of a gown. Diamond studs, gorgeous makeup, perfect hair. Exquisite. Grade: A+ and an extra 50 points because no one does it like Halle.

Cate Blanchett ... extremely talented actress and usually very chic but last night she looked like an Easter egg. Literally. This was a lavender and yellow creation with big do-dads and baubles all over it with a big ol circle in the front ... hence ... the Easter Egg analogy. Also, the skirt had tiny pleats which to me, are NEVER attractive ... even if they're made of chiffon. And those sleeves??? Kinda makes me think of a nun's habit. Her hair and makeup however, were gorgeous. Grade: F-

Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress Nominee. This girl is so beautiful but her choice of gown was HORRIBLE. THIS WAS THE UGLIEST DRESS I HAVE EVER SEEN! She wore a silver necklace that had a green rock at the end. Seriously ... a rock. That blue/black/navy color made her skin look whiter than a snowman. I actually got car sick just looking at it. Hair - bad; dress - bad; jewels - bad. Overall look - BAD.
Mila Kunis. This girl is beautiful. This was a lovely lavender shade that looked beautiful with her coloring. It was very feminine and definitely Academy Award worthy. Dress - beautiful, jewels - beautiful. Hair ... truthfully I think I would have gone with something wispier. But overall, she gets an A.
Melissa Leo, Best Supporting Actress Winner. This was a white and gold thing that looked like it was made out of stiff white paper and gold leaf paint. She looked like a greeting card. Super talented, but not in the "style"department. Hair - bad, dress - bad, jewels - bad. Grade: F-

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress Nominee. What a bombshell! And only 20 years old! This dress was simple yet very sexy. Her hair was beautiful ... soft and feminine and her makeup was perfection. VA VA VOOM! Grade: A+

Nicole Kidman ... Okay ... WTF WAS THIS???? I'm sorry, but it looked like a discount bridal gown. I've seen better looking dresses at a Quincinera. That necklace looked like she picked it up at the local five and dime to which she added a pair of red shoes for pop. Tres, tres tacky. Grade: F- to the negative of 10.

And that's it folks! Until next year! Smooches!

p.s. Honorable Mention ... Matt McConahey and girlfriend, Camilla Alves - GORGEOUS!!! These two are so hot they could make a baby without even touching.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Stay tuned ... I'll have my Oscar recap of best and worst dressed!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Debbie ....
she doesn't write,
she doesn't call,
i'm going crazy I tell you.
i'll do anything to get you back... ANYTHING ...