Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A RE-POST IN HONOR OF MR. WEINER ... the gift that keeps on giving

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who took a picture of his wiener, but isn't sure if it was HIS WEINER or someone else's weiner because someone HACKED his phone and he can't say "with certitude" whether the weiner is his or not. But it doesn't look like his weiner because if the weiner is his, .... IT'S VERY SIMPLE MR. WEINER!!!! A SIMPLE YES OR NO will suffice. WE'LL EVEN TAKE A "NO COMMENT" ... (and just so you know ... if I took a picture of my weiner ... I'd remember. But that's just me). You see, most "regular" people don't do things like take pictures of their weiners and text them to someone by mistake. Only highly, intelligent and important people like you all, do crap like that. This is mainly because most "regular" people have this thing called a CONSCIOUS ... and a healthy dose of FEAR about getting caught doing disgusting things such as ... taking a picture of their weiner and then sending it into cyberspace ... you know, stuff like that. Asshole.

SO, even after resigning for his disgusting acts it has now come to light that Mr. Weiner has continued to engage in twisted and perverted behavior with anonymous women and anonymous cell phones with anonymous aliases (aka Carlos Danger) REALLY? 

Of course, I feel for his wife.  Why she has chosen to stay with him is really beyond me but since I'm not her, I can't really judge her too harshly.  That Mr. Weiner even has a wife is a mind-blower to me, but if I could, I would tell her to take her baby and leave.  BUT NO.  She goes on t.v., tells everyone she loves him, she's forgiven him, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  And just watch ... they'll probably elect this guy.  Mr. Weiner should thank GOD that I am not his wife because I'd be sending a picture of his weiner to every newspaper/magazine and strange cell phone user on earth ... severed, fileted and roasting on a BBQ.   

Like Eliot Spitzer, the 54th Governor of New York and Attorney General who was nailing prostitutes left and right while infiltrating prostitution in the city ...  
RUNNING FOR NYC COMPTROLLER!  *sigh* ... MEN.  There's no getting around it.  Give them a little power, an ivy-league education, a nice wife and a family and what do they do?  They FUCK IT ALL UP and THEN, everyone forgives their sorry asses. 


NEXT, Horn-dog No. 3:  The Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner 

A very old horn dog who has been accused of sexually harassing his employees.  Three have now come forward and one has hired attorney to the downtrodden and sexually harassed, Gloria Allred. 

HERE'S THE THING ... until we start electing WOMEN to positions of power these jerk-offs will continue to harass women, carry on with strippers and bang prostitutes and act like pigs.  And here's the other thing .... NO ONE HAS ANY SHAME!  It is AMAZING to me that a man who can take a picture of his pee-pee and send it to people on his cell phone, GET CAUGHT, have to resign, go through public humiliation which destroys his reputation, humiliate and disrespect his poor, suffering PREGNANT wife ... AFTER ALL THAT, THIS ASSHOLE DECIDES TO RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!