Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So it's been a while since I've blogged because sometimes I just run dry of ideas or I'm not pissed off at anything and I have nothing to say.  That is UNTIL TODAY.   

I am forever amazed at the ridiculous shit I see on such sites as Huffington Post which is supposed to be a somewhat serious news blog.  I'm beginning to put Huffington Post in the same category as Radar On Line because they talk about the same trash.  

Saw this headline:

Kim Zolciak Shows Off New Boob Job and Tummy Tuck
The White Trash Wonder and mother of six. 

Funny ... I wonder why she didn't mention her penis removal?

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Jasmine Tridevil Gets Third Boob 'Because I Don't Want To Date Anymore'

Jasmine hon ... you do realize that all you have to do when someone asks you for a date is to say NO.  You do know that don’t you? 


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So Kris and Bruce are finally calling it a day.  Seriously, no one really cares about these two but I must say that I'm quite happy for Bruce.  Kris has agreed that if she gets custody of 17 year old Kylie she'll give Bruce his balls back. 
And if that goes well she'll consider returning his spine. 

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Kim Kardashian's Alleged Nude Photos Leak Online!
So ... like we've all see you naked.  ALL OF US.  In the entire world.  Have seen you ... NAKED.  

When are these crazy narcissists celebrities going to realize that this is no longer shocking?  WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR NAKED ASSES.  We really don't.  Been there, done that, seen it too.  I'll tell what would shock me ... if I heard you'd read a book.  THAT would be shocking.  Or, if you started wearing clothing that actually FIT you.  You do tend to squeeze yourself into clothing that is much too small causing you to look like a stuffed sausage.  So yeah ... if you  started dressing like a lady I would find that shocking.  Nude pics? ... not so much.

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Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have a new video.  Basically, it consists of the two of them shaking and grinding their ginormous, gelatinous butts in an attempt, I'm sure, to excite 14 year old boys to climax.  Personally I don't get it.  Also, do you know how many other females in the world can do the same thing girls?  LOTS.  Lots and lots.  All I can say is ... J.Lo's children must be so proud.  (How old are you again Jenny?  46, 47???

The white trash family from Wasila was involved in a big ass brawl.  Bristol Palin apparently has a great right hook and punched a guy square in the face causing Mama Grizzly to gush with PRIDE about how she loves her some Bristol and then she goes on to thank all her "prayer warriors" ... This woman was almost a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  THANK YOU JESUS FOR LISTENING TO OUR PRAYERS.  SERIOUSLY.  Thank you.

Until next time ... SMOOCHES!