Tuesday, May 27, 2014


And the right wing speaks:

Joe the Plumber aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, penned an open letter on the website Barbwire, where he explained to the UC Santa Barbara victims' parents that the deaths won't undermine his "Constitutional rights."  I read his letter, and though he does express sympathy and sorrow at the loss of their loved ones and states that he will pray for them, in the same breath he also states ... "But:  As harsh as this sounds - your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional rights." 
I have a few thoughts I'd like to share. 
What about the Constitutional rights of those kids who were shot down like animals in the street?  What about their hopes and dreams Joe?  What about their futures?  A longed for career?  A dreamed of wedding?  Children?  What about their rights?  You say that their lives, taken at the hand of an insane maniac, don't trump your right to own a gun.  I disagree.  I understand that YOU are a responsible gun owner, BUT as harsh as this may sound ... dead human beings trump your gun rights any day.  PERIOD
The shooter purchased his guns LEGALLY.  Doesn't that make you pause for even a minute?  The shooter was terribly, mentally ill.  How would a gun shop owner KNOW that?  You can't tell crazy by looking at it.  We live in a very dangerous world that is fast becoming more and more unsafe.  There have been approximately 40 shootings since Newtown.  That is CRAZY.  Constitutional rights are for everyone to enjoy and I consider LIFE far more important than your right to bear arms.  We are not living in 1800's. 
According to you, you believe that if everyone were armed we'd be safer.  I don't agree with that.  It would seem to me that if everyone were armed we'd have a nation full of paranoid people who, very likely, might shoot first and ask questions later.  Life and liberty are constitutional rights also and should be enjoyed without the fear of being mowed down by an AK47 because you decided to go to a movie theatre or attend a particular school.  I understand that YOU are a responsible gun owner, BUT, as harsh as this may sound ... dead human beings trump your right to own a gun PERIOD. 
You have to at least try to see the other side of your argument.  Violence is much too pervasive in America.  There are mass shootings so often that it is now almost normal.  All the loss of life that leave loved ones left behind to suffer and sorrow for their loved ones who are gone forever.  Why is it so, so important that you have the right to own a gun or an arsenal?  I think it is because YOU are paranoid.  You are afraid.  You are threatened. 
I think the world would be a better place if guns were illegal.  Maybe that is not realistic, but something has to be done to stop this insanity.  You say the one thing you never want to go through is what these parents are going through now.  I don't doubt that.  But I also believe that if you did ... if you KNEW how it felt to have your son or daughter mowed down by a crazed gunman your opinion might shift ... in a nanosecond.  
I think that sometimes people are so set in defending what they believe that they forget to think.  To really evaluate all aspects of a situation.  They are so unyielding.  But if, in order to promote the greater good, could you give up your guns?  Probably not. 
And therein lies the problem.  People who are so unyielding and implacable that change cannot happen.  And there's always money.  The gun lobbies and the NRA are VERY powerful organizations who have pumped gazillions of dollars to candidates who support their agenda.  It's gotten so crazy.  So out of control that reality has become horribly skewed and no one is even able to see it. 
So Joe ... I hope and pray you are never touched by gun violence.  I hope your children never find a gun in your home and playing around accidentally shoot a kill a neighbor, or vice versa.  Because it happens all the time, every day, all across America.  People are being killed by guns.  And it's wrong.  Very, VERY wrong. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Kimye Wedding Venue
So last post I said I was going to try to be less a part of all that is nonsense and try to blog about more positive topics that convey wisdom and truth.  However, I did also say that I would continue to dish dirt (on occasion) ... so here is the dirt:
The whole world is all a twitter because Kimye is tying the knot this weekend and the ONLY, and I repeat ONLY reason I am blogging about this is because I have fans who expect me to weigh in on the third walk down the aisle for Miss Kim.  So here goes.
Word on the street is that brother-from-another-mother, Brody Jenner, is
Dayum, is he cute or what!
boycotting the wedding because Kim did not invite “plus ones” which means Brody can’t bring his girlfriend.  I always hated that when I was single.  I can’t tell you how many invitations I got that were addressed to ‘JUST ME’ … but you know what?  I WENT ALONE to countless weddings and never had a problem because when you got STYLE and CONFIDENCE you don’t need no stinkin’ date!  Anywho, Kim has enough cash to invite the entire state of California, why she couldn’t invite Brody’s girlfriend is beyond me, but whatever, she’s obviously a b*tch with an attitude. 
The entire country of Italy is all a whirl because Kimye and their minions have begun arriving daily to the excitement and consternation of many Italians.  I hear the venue was “second choice” because Kim and Kanye were denied permission to marry at the Palace of Versailles (GOD SOMEONE KILL ME). 
Next, everyone is wondering WHAT WILL HER DRESS LOOK LIKE?  All I can tell you is  I saw lots of garment bags marked Valentino, but truth be told, Vera Wang is Kimmie’s personal bridal designer (which means Vera will have a lifelong gig).  My guess?  Tits-and-ass a flashing.  I’m guessing mermaid style to show off those fabulous curves and perhaps a gigantic tiara awash in diamonds and pearls.  Personally, I'm picturing something right out of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" ...

Just like a Princess

Perfect for Kendall and Kylie
Putting on such a show for a third marriage to your baby daddy is beyond me but of course we ARE talking about a Kardashian.  No expense is too great.  Perhaps little North will enter flittering in on a pink cloud from above with angels and doves accompanying her.  The mother from hell, Kris Jenner, will either be wearing BLACK or WHITE because all she ever wears is BLACK OR WHITE.  Bruce, ponytail beribboned and in white tie and tails will escort his stepdaughter down the aisle to her Prince Charming and baby daddy, Kanye, who will be dressed in a diamond tuxedo.  Vows will be said, tears will be shed and there will, at last, be PEACE IN THE WORLD
Thank you Jesus.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


My husband loves to find new and interesting ways to annoy the crap outta me.  Lately, he's taken to testing me with new words from a game he found on the internet which he tortures me with EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  Because I'm an avid reader he thinks I'm super smart.  Which I'm not.  I just have a better vocabulary than he does, but whatever.  Let him think whatever he wants.

So now he is constantly testing new words on me.  We'll be relaxing on the couch watching t.v. when the computer will all of a sudden say --  in it's computer voice  -- "spumescent" ... and that is my cue to guess what the word means.  I will then turn to my husband, his smiling face greeting me with a look in his eyes that is taunting yet playful. 

Now, I don't mind so much playing this stupid game because I am ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT, but what bugs the crap outta me is that he doesn't play fair.  I'll say "what do I get if I win?  I want a dress from Nordstrom."  And he'll agree, but then when I get the word correct he will renege and throw another word at me ... "grimalkin" (fyi ... an old female cat) ... and then he'll throw the two out of three challenge.  When he's absolutely certain I will not get a word correct he will taunt me with the prize of dinner at my favorite restaurant for which he knows he will never have to cough up and then he'll ask me to go out and rustle up some chitlins for dinner. 

This is my life. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!

So, Danny and I just returned from a GREAT vacation down south.  We visited Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston and Savannah.  I have never been anywhere where the people are SO NICE.  That Southern Charm is REAL FOLKS ... and we did not have a bad meal anywhere.  The food was simply fantastic.  It was nine days of no cellphone, no Facebook, just living in the moment and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  Trees, beautiful trees everywhere and even though it was hot and humid the breeze through those glorious trees was revitalizing and cooling.  Though I loved every city we visited, I think my favorite was Charleston.  Picture postcard pretty. 
Being out of touch and away from my usual routine was beyond restful and I realized that being unplugged is very healing to the soul.  The almost constant obsession to check in on Facebook, email, etc., takes up so much precious time from being PRESENT.  I know that's an overused word but its true. For instance, nine days away and I have no idea when Kim Kardashian is getting married!  And I LIKE IT.  This need to know, know, know everything instantaneously is draining and takes away from the truly important need of just being STILL.  I don't wanna go all Oprah on y'all but being still is a good thing and necessary to the soul. 

Away from T.V. and the 24 hour news cycle ... *sigh* ... do we really need to know every single ugly/horrible/disturbing/painful/heartbreaking piece of news every single second of every single day?  I'll tell you .... we don't.  And sometimes ignorance IS Bliss.  We don't need to know every ugly/horrible/disturbing/painful/heartbreaking piece of news every second of every day. 

So, I've decided to take a step back.  Unplug, recharge and BE STILL ... at least once a day.  Entertain only positive, edifying and beautiful thoughts and keep negativity where it belongs ... no where near me.  Even though this is how I DO live my life, it is amazing what vacation can do for you!  I have recommitted to spending more time reading, writing, and engaging in positive activity and positive thoughts. 

This is the irony of my life.  When left alone, or given the gift of being in a beautiful setting I am deeply spiritual and thoughtful.  Hence, the necessity to BE STILL.  I like going inward ... it's VERY PEACEFUL there.  Then, on the other hand, I'm a loud-mouthed, sarcastic observer of popular culture and of all things ridiculous, writing my own little take in my own little voice on my own little blog.  It can be a conundrum at times, because, as I said a few posts ago, I contribute to nonsense.  But I do it so well. 

My relaxing respite has inspired me to share more of my serious observations as well and I hope you will not be turned off by that and continue reading.  I think it is important to include all of myself.  For a long while now I've been stuck on the Housewives, and the Kardashians, etc., and in all honesty, I've wanted to write on more serious topics.  But working full time doesn't allow me enough time to write the way I would really like to, and more importantly, the way I need to.  So with that in mind, I am going to vow to WRITE BETTER.  BE HONEST and BE UNAFRAID and I hope you'll stick around. 

I promise to continue the dirt .... but with a little wisdom thrown in as well. 

I want to thank all of you who come by regularly, and those who have found me by mistake and have taken the time to leave a comment.  It means more than you know.