Thursday, June 30, 2011


and serious consideration I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and run for President (hell, if Michelle Bachman can do it then so can I). I am running for the Truth, Freedom and Fairness Party and this is what Imona do for YOU!

1. No wars. EVER.

2. Tax the excrement out of all rich bankers/CEOs and Wall Street billionaires (no excuses, no tax loopholes/tax shelters or write- off's, EVER. You will pay 50% income tax on all of your earnings in full, every year, WITHOUT QUESTION, for the rest of your lives. Thank you. (happy face)

3. No taxes, EVER for any working stiff. They've paid enough taxes to last the next five decades. Under my Presidency, all working Joe's will get a big fat break including 4 weeks of paid vacation every year and sick days when you're sick. And NO MORE "AT WILL" employment or "RIGHT TO WORK" states EVER.

4. Wall Street - next time you get into a jam ... YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN. PERIOD.

5. All the jobs that have been "outsourced" must come back to the United States IMMEDIATELY and all super, wealthy CEO's who sold out America by outsourcing jobs will now have to hire American workers at no less than $30 an hour, provide medical/dental and vision insurance, long term disability and also provide a cost of living raise EVERY YEAR for EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE. PERIOD. (Watch how fast the economy picks up and people start spending money on houses and shit ... your little pinheads will spin).

6. All monies (taxes) that have been used to fund the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya
(and God knows where else cause you know all these politicians lie like a bunch of rugs) must be refunded to every single taxpayer with a letter of apology and a complete accounting of what every penny was used for. IN DETAIL.

7. The draft will be re-instituted. However, we will not take the young. The young will be provided with free college educations and/or training in the area of whatever their heart's may desire. The draft will now consist of rich, fat, flag-waving, right wing Americans who so love America ... now, YOU CAN PROVE IT. We will start with the TV and radio personalities, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter, etc.) You EFFERS go fight for a while - lose a limb, an eye, a ball ... I don't give a crap. And, upon your return, when you are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome ... TOO BAD. No aid for you. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and deal with it.

8. Women will now make more money than men. FOREVER. And no sexual harassment of any kind will be tolerated EVER. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Furthermore, any trial or mediation that may result from a sexual harassment charge, the "Harasser" will heretofore be considered GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. Put that in you pipes and smoke it ... assholes.

9. ANYONE caught lying/bribing/cheating/stealing/whoring will be banned from public office. FOREVER. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And get some therapy ... on your own dime you jerk-offs.

10. And last but not least, lunch at all places of employment, from now on will now be two hours long. You've worked hard all your lives .... enjoy your lunch dammit!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

George and Stacy BREAK UP!!

Okay, this is how it’s going to go down for George. He has been very vocal about not wanting to marry or have kids. EVER. By the time I'd reached 27 I'd learned that when a man says he doesn't want a commitment he means HE DOESN'T WANT A COMMITMENT.  Ladies, you are NOT going to change his mind. HE will change his mind ... when he’s oh, say retirement age … 65 or older, and has layed every beautiful woman on the planet he can. Then, and only then, he will “settle down” with a nice 32 year old woman who is gorgeous and has no baggage. He'll crank out a couple of kids and call it a day … ala Warren Beatty.

These bastards get to have everything. … and it pisses me off.

(This is the exact same post I posted when George broke up with Elisabetta Canalis and will probably be the exact same post when he breaks up with the girl he goes out with after Stacey Keibler, and so on, and so on, and so on.) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Even though the love is gone I still believe it is my duty to update all of you on all things Viggo, especially since his name is all over my blog and is a love-fest of Viggo, Viggo,Viggo. It was a wonderful 4 (or 6) years that I was in love with Viggo but as with all good things, it had to come to an end. I am willing to be mature and dignified in the face of heartbreak and take my lumps like a big girl. So, with that said, here is the latest on the man ...

HALLELUJAH! THE TRAILER IS HERE!!!! To check it out go to:
A Dangerous Method" (directed by David Cronenberg) will be released in late 2011. My guess is this film is very likely going to be an Oscar contender and the strategy is to release the potential award winners closer to award season. In this film, Viggo will play Sigmund Freud. It will be an interesting character study and based on the true relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung (played by Michael Fassbender), and Sabina Spielman (played by Kiera Knightly) in which the female protagonist is not only the patient, but also the lover of her psychiatrist, Carl Jung ... a relationship which crosses all kinds of ethical boundaries.

I read Carl Jung's "Man and His Symbols" many years ago. It was a fascinating read. Jung believed that man has a collective unconscious that serves as a form of psychological inheritance that has evolved over time and contains all the knowledge and experiences we share as a species. He also believed that symbols and dreams contained subconscious messages and ... OK OK! enough psychology for today. Bottom line, this sounds like a great movie.

Freud and Jung were collaborators and considered "th
e fathers of psychoanalysis". The film is based on the book of the same title (which I plan to read before I see the movie) ... and is full juicy stuff like illicit love affairs, jealously, manipulation and SEX. This is a special treat for me because I love love LOVE me some naked Viggo! I can't wait for this one to come to theatres.

Viggo's next film is "On the Road". Unfortunately, there are no pictures or trailers yet. This film is about beat writer Jack Kerouac's writings while he was ... you got it ... ON THE ROAD. This movie takes place during the 1950's when America was very uptight and recounts the free-wheeling bohemian life led by Jack and his contemporaries. Viggo plays "Old Bull Lee", a fictional character who is said to be roughly based on writer William Burroughs ("Naked Lunch") ...sounds like a hip flick guaranteed to satisfy all you cats and chicks.

Next, the Spanish speaking Viggo is working on a film in Argentina titled "Todos Tenemos Un Plan" (for all you gringos out there ... translation: "Everyone Has a Plan"). I love, love, love when Viggo speaks Spanish ... *double sigh*, muy, muy romantico. And, just as a sidebar, this is not the first Spanish flick Viggo has made. He has made several films in Spain, one which I've seen and another which I would KILL to have but it is nearly impossible to get ... and I know because I've tried.

In this film Viggo plays a twin whose brother is killed. Viggo then take
s on his dead brother's identity which takes him into the seedy underworld of Argentina. Sounds like a perfect vehicle for Viggo. Kinda like "History of Violence" - in which HE WAS ROBBED OF AN OSCAR NOMINATION dammit!

Here are a few pics:

doesn't he look handsome ... *sigh*

This is the actress who plays his wife in the movie. She's pretty huh.

It looks like he's really crushing
on her huh ...

Oh Oh Ariadna, you
better watch out ... that's the same look he gave you ...

(now you know how I felt when you stole him away from me ... bish).

Monday, June 6, 2011



Thank you.
(Doesn't he kinda look like Kermit the Frog?")